About Preston

By training and education, I’m a counselor.

I was in private practice for years. That’s where I learned about people. But then I built an organization and learned about groups of people and leadership. After while, I had the opportunity to go into other organizations and learn about diverse individuals and groups. Then, I got to do this not only across America, but internationally. The common denominator always coursing through my head is formation–what, how, why, and what now? 

This is the way God wired me to think. As you explore PrestonGillham.com, you will see this common thread whether I’m talking about fishing or transitioning a family-owned/run business.

The starting point for the human, after the needs of safety and shelter are supplied, is the heart. I’ll talk about “heart” a lot, but mostly I’ll illustrate it and demonstrate it because it is best shown and easily evades definition. The heart is the most precious and most vulnerable aspect of us, and it is generally left untended. For this reason, and given its importance, I pay close attention to the heart of people, groups of people, and even the heart of an organization.

I have worked with many churches and Christian organizations. My own faith is extremely important to me (more about that later). As a result, spiritual formation–how we grow in our faith, what importance should this have in life, how to remedy a spiritual life run-aground or abused, faith in the marketplace, etc.–is an area of my expertise.

I believe I’m especially skilled at practically integrating spiritual formation with leadership principles. I’ve had the opportunity to help guide this process–for pastors and CEO’s, Executive Directors and Presidents, ministry staffs and executive leadership teams.

I’m a writer. I write books and blogs, and I write to think; sometimes, I just write because it is in me and has to come out. As my thoughts come together into something worthwhile, my commitment is to transfer the contents of my head and heart into PrestonGillham.com for your consideration.

Thank you in advance for reading my thoughts and telling your friends about the things that you find meaningful.

I’m also an advisor and mentor. You can find all you want to know about my consulting under the “Guidance” tab. I ran a nonprofit organization for nearly thirty years, which is hard to do when you are only twenty-nine years old (smile). Most people don’t realize what a rough and tumble place the nonprofit business world is, especially the religious nonprofit world. But, it’s true.

Our staff did great work and we were successful. We put a serious dent in our ambitious mission statement, did so with exemplary financial accountability and efficiency, and were wildly blessed to influence the lives of thousands all over the world. We dealt with our donors relationally and built a family tribe that collaborated in reaching beyond themselves to achieve more than any of us could have individually dreamed.

As a result, leaders began contacting me for advice and consultation. One of the gifts God has given me is that of being able to see through complex, challenging situations and help others focus on what is truly important and right for them. I’m also skilled at communicating the practical application of the next steps necessary to get down the road.

Over the years, I’ve gotten to assist churches, nonprofits, business leaders and their companies, groups of lawyers working to rebuild countries ruined by Communism, and individuals trying to discern their heart’s desire. In addition, I’ve developed a specialty in guiding transition processes–transitions of leadership, transitions of change, transitions of family-run businesses, and transitions from one area of expertise to another.

My organization lived on the sharp edge of technology. We digitized long before the paperless office was an option and while analog was still industry standard. We built our own database management systems, online stores, online learning sites, and embraced remote access well ahead of most. We did these things because it served our people/customers and enabled us to manage/invest donor’s funds efficiently and effectively.

I stay current with the technology trends, but it would not be accurate to say I’m an early adopter. I don’t adopt until technology makes sense and has a reasonable application.

I am a committed follower of Jesus Christ. I don’t wear that on my sleeve–don’t typically talk matters of faith with the person sitting next to me on the airplane, etc.–because that’s not my personality, but neither is it the way Jesus opened up His conversation with me about faith. I’ll tell you what I think, offer some pointers as we go along, but mainly I’m committed to living what I believe. If you desire, I’ll take you with me on my adventure of faith in Jesus Christ, but only if it’s your desire.

I’m married to Dianne–have been since 1990. She’s a delightful lady. I know I’m biased, but other people think so too. She taught Kindergarten forever and was recently promoted to Pre-Kindergarten. Observing her is an amazing thing to behold. I’ll mention her from time to time because she’s important and I love her.

Dianne and me.

Dianne and me.

I’ll also mention my bicycle and my fly fishing because they are also important and I love them. Differently than I love Dianne, but my conviction stands. When I have some heavy lifting to do in my soul or spirit, I ride. If it is truly weighty stuff, I fish. Truth be told, most of the time I ride and fish because that’s what I do.

Thanks again for the investment of your time at PrestonGillham.com. If you have something you think I need to know or that is beneficial, please contact me. Oh, and feel free to pass along what you like or find important.

Collaborating with a partner in Istanbul. 

Collaborating with a partner in Istanbul. 

The Bosporus Strait. 

The Bosporus Strait. 

Flying a kite with my namesake in Missouri.

Flying a kite with my namesake in Missouri.