About Me

Greater Effectiveness, Efficiency, and Excellence

It is not enough to work hard. One must work hard on the right things. And, it is not enough to build a business and professional reputation. One must also finish well.

Great leadership facilitates others’ ability to work on the right things and realize the fulfillment of finishing well. If you think about it, this is what coaches and counselors do.

I am a collector of wisdom, an intuitive listener, a discerner of talent, and a counselor by training. I’m an evaluator of the heart and one who sees the unseen. The soft science of human dynamic and motivation is where I do my best work and make my best contributions.

So, I'm in the desert of the UAE and this bird lands on my arm...

So, I'm in the desert of the UAE and this bird lands on my arm...

I am not content to simply talk about giftedness and effectiveness. I mine it and refine it like gold. My personal bent is toward the strategic efficiency necessary for effectiveness to become excellence. Those with whom I collaborate access my vision, strategic thinking, my ability to simplify the complex, and my discernment to see through the fog and clarify objectives.

I have been blessed to guide a variety of skilled and high-powered people as they manage their giftedness, build careers, and develop their innate abilities to become all that God dreams for them. In addition, I’ve had the opportunity to lead coalitions of people—at home and abroad—to develop as team players and leverage the power of community to advance toward a common goal.

I lead by example, speak simply, and invite others on a journey of personal discovery. Some are content to give advice. I prefer to show the way and demonstrate as I lead. This is the difference between an advisor and a mentor, and mentors are more effective.

I have a long, rich history of working with religious and nonprofit organizations. I understand the unique blending of profit, volunteers, personal calling, donor relationships, database management, interaction with and development of Boards and Board members, cultural differences, as well as the communication vehicles essential to nonprofit effectiveness.

In today’s business climate, the progressive for-profit organizations recognize that they achieve better results inside and outside the company if they think and operate like a nonprofit organization. This is the world in which I am most comfortable.

As you consider my candidacy as a colleague, there is an added dimension to my skill set. I have studied, taught on, and guided spiritual formation in individuals and organizations for over 30 years. People cannot hope to be fully productive and fulfilled unless this essential aspect of their lives—spirituality—is developed. The marketplace is not a pulpit, but it will never reach its potential unless those in the workplace reach theirs.

I am not a one-stop shop, even though my resume sounds that way. I enjoy thriving relationships across the professional spectrum. I bring these people “with me” as additional, outside resources as they are needed to illuminate the way. I’m not a one-man band and will refer you to others more gifted than I am as soon as that need is evident. Bottom line: I’m here to help you succeed.



Visionary Thinker and Strategist:

■ Developed Lifetime Guarantee, Inc. into a nationally and internationally recognized organization
■ Early adopter of the Internet, launching our first website shortly after the very first website went live
■ Built a loyal and responsive donor data base
■ Guided the creation and management of three, nationally syndicated, radio programs aired in over 50 markets with potential audiences of several million
■ Created effective strategies and reorganization plans for boards of directors leading to more active, capable, and qualified board members
■ Devised strategy and assisted organizations with transitions of leaders and founders to next-generation leaders
■ Assisted leaders in clarifying personal and corporate focus
■ Facilitated the development of mission, vision, and purpose statements and strategies
■ Prepared leadership to lead their organizations to new business levels
■ Mentored, supervised, and managed counselors and a counseling practice with approximately 80 clients per week
■ Planned and directed training programs for intern students as well as online learning hosts/teachers

Manager of Personnel and Projects:

■ Supervised web design and development for multiple sites
■ Oversaw and marketed software development projects for database management, online learning, and e-commerce
■ Directed filming and post production of three video series with 11-13 sessions in each series and containing series-specific study materials
■ Developed staffing and business models utilizing multiple outside vendors and partners

Personal Accomplishments:

■ Studied, taught, and guided spiritual formation for individuals and groups for over 30 years
■ Leader of organizations and their people
■ Author of multiple books and several hundred articles
■ Substantive editor for seven manuscripts--and counting
■ Practiced as a private counselor
■ Consulted, coached, and strategically assisted the staff and leadership of ministries, churches, and corporate businesses nationally and internationally

As you can see, I am an innovator. Not once or twice in my career, but repeatedly, and in all areas of my life. Innovation is part of my God-given DNA. This is a fairly unique trait, but I am also one enabled to manage innovation, and that’s different. In other words, I see both the front side and back side of innovation. One more thing though, I understand innovation, can coach it, mentor it, and transfer it to you, your staff, and your clients.