A Fresh Start

As you will soon discover, PrestonGillham.com is far from finished. In fact, I haven’t even figured it out. I’m being coached through this first post. As you poke around, you’ll see some “test” messages, empty categories, and “coming soon” signs. We’ll get there. It’s a start. Backing up a step, I contacted my friend, Andy, for assistance with this development project. After two days of work to get started on this site I was exactly nowhere. I had not posted one letter of the alphabet, created a single category, or discovered how to install a template. I had worked furiously and brought all my technical expertise to bear on the problem. My confidence was shot—and I thought I was somewhat technically minded. Wow!

I asked him if he could get me started—like jumping a dead car battery was the image in my mind. He was very gracious and kind. Rather than telling me straight up, he spent a number of minutes guiding me to the clear understanding that I needed professional help. Lucky for you, and a blessing to me, Andy had some time to spare. So, we are off—like a turtle—but we’re rolling.

I’ll tell you right now, I’m going to mess some stuff up, so get ready. I think Andy is skilled enough to fix most anything I foul up, but that presumes I discover the mistake. That’s where you come in—and you thought this blog was for your reading pleasure. Ha. You are an active and responsible party if you are reading. If you see something that needs fixing, or that could be done better, or know of some trick that would help you and others, by all means let me know. I’m viewing this as a group project.

I won’t repeat the content I placed earlier under “About,” except for one thing: I know there are a couple of blog posts already posted; they are worth reading, but they are tests from the archive. This is my first, official post. My pledge going forward is that I will tell you what’s on my mind and in my heart. I’m on the journey of a lifetime. PrestonGillham.com is an invitation for you to join me. I will do my level best to take you with me. I’ll tell you what I see and experience. I’d like the same from you if you feel the freedom to offer it.

As important as all the preceding words are, it is now time for dinner. We are meeting W, Karla, and Carson for Mexican food in Arlington and I’m not ready. So, I must go. Meet you back here—provided I can find it again. May have to call Andy.

Before I sign off, if you have things you would like for me to include in my thoughts or on the site, let me know in the “Comments.” I’ll do my best.

Off now to forage for food.