Airtime (part 1 of 2)

How about we plumb some deep waters…but depths we need to consider? 

Brussels by Gillham

Brussels by Gillham

I am concerned about a trend I see in society, but especially among Believers. We are losing our ability to think critically about important matters. 

It alarms me that we passively swallow what the media—secular or religious—present without thoughtful scrutiny. For the media to “have a story,” they must have conflict, sensation, or both. Absent these, they have no story and it is a “slow news day.”

Add competition in the marketplace, especially with the advent of satellite feeds and independent reporting, and it is critical that the media report controversy and sensation.

 My point?

 There is slim chance for you to receive a fair and balanced report given these parameters. Maybe no chance. 

Media has an agenda and is working their angle. They must get you to listen to them versus their competitor. If they fail, they go out of business. 

Therefore, you and I must consider reports thoughtfully, not passively. The days of Walter Cronkite—“And that’s the way it is”—are gone. 

Why am I writing about this unspiritual topic when my normal customary thoughts offer spiritual perspectives? 

Listening and thinking are spiritual. As a Believer nothing in your life is unspiritual.

You are spirit, God is spirit, the devil is spirit, the demons are spirit, the angels are spirit, your friends are spirit. Do you understand? You are a spiritual person, living in a spiritual realm, filtered through the natural, physical, and visible (2 Cor. 4:18).