As I think about it, not only are there anchors for ships and boats, but there are lead anchors for mortar, concrete anchors for construction, and plastic anchors for hanging pictures. You can use bolts and screws to anchor metal and wood, and you can use adhesives to anchor nearly anything, including your two fingers. (Not that that has ever happened to anyone I know, of course.)

Rock climbers anchor themselves to a rock face with chocks, stoppers, and pitons.

Truckers anchor their loads with winches.

Cowboys anchor their saddles with a cinch and anchor themselves with their knees and the pommel.

As Believers we anchor ourselves with the Word and character of God.

After telling us that it is not possible for God to lie, Hebrews states in 6:19 that we have this fact (God’s word of honor) as an “anchor of the soul.” In other words, our hope is in God through Christ who has made it possible for us to have close relationship and intimate fellowship with our Father God.

Lots of folks offer lots of counsel about how to anchor your soul. But the character of God and the dependability of His Word is the anchor of our soul.

No matter the storm, or the depth of the deep, our soul has an anchor that holds us steady. Life’s ship may toss and it may appear incomprehensible that there is anything that will secure us, but there is enough spiritual steel in our Father to hold life’s ship no matter the greatness of its displacement or the severity of the storm.

Carlisle said it well: “The anchor holds / though the ship is battered. The anchor holds / though the sails are torn. The anchor holds / in spite of the storm. The anchor holds.”

Indeed He does!

The Word of God must be our ever-present anchor. But in addition, we have the promises of God Himself. Check out Numbers 23:19, Titus 1:2, and Hebrews 6:18. Each reminds us that it is impossible for God to lie.

Drop anchor in the harbor of your Father’s integrity.