Are You a Minister?

Chicago by Gillham

Chicago by Gillham

“Great day, no, I’m not a minister! I’m a doctor, a lawyer, an Indian chief; accountant, mother, car dealer, student, waitress…; I’m unemployed.”

The correct answer to the question is, yes. Yes, you are a minister. Howard Hendricks says, “Your profession is what you get paid to do. Your calling is what you were made to do,” and you were created to connect with God and represent His life in and through you. 1

The Bible says that whatever we do, we are to do everything to the glory of God.2 Paul stated that whether he lived or died, his sole purpose was to honor God.3 Corinthians says we are ambassadors for Christ.4 Peter writes that we are to always be ready to give account for the hope that resides deep in our hearts.5 Elsewhere, Scripture exhorts that we are to be ready in season and out of season when it comes to expressing the message of God’s Word.6

Ministry is who you are day in, day out while engaged in a profession that allows you to earn a living. Simply: a minister is one who allows the Spirit of God to express Himself in them and through them. Being a minister doesn’t have anything to do with what is on your business card or whether you went to seminary. Ministry is part of who you are every day as a person in Christ Jesus. 

Next, what if your work is routine? Are you still a minister?



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