Between Christmas and New Year 2015

Happy New Year from Dolly (Varden, a trout) and me...

Happy New Year from Dolly (Varden, a trout) and me...

I hope Christmas formed fresh memories for you this year. I also hope the entries I posted leading up to the commemoration of Christ's birthday found purchase in your soul and made Christmas more powerful than ever before. 

As the New Year approaches, I'm going to let the writing of my blog lie fallow for a few days. Like you I trust, I'm preparing for a fresh start while enjoying my family and friends and a different pace than normal.

I took time away several weeks ago to plan, and pray, and gain fresh perspective. I've been diligently preparing since for launching into 2016 with fresh goals and fewer outstanding accounts inside my soul's bank. I'm lighter in side of me, and as a result, I'm moving more quickly toward the priorities Father God has for me to pursue. 

Now is a good time for me to finalize what's before me. In anticipation of what lies ahead, happy New Year a few days in advance. God willing, when the clock turns 2016, I will see you again on the road to victory.

Until then, thank you for reading. Thank you for sharing my work with your friends, contacts, and colleagues. It is an honor to share my heart with you through words on paper, albeit electronic paper.

See you on the other side.