Book Signing in Fort Worth

Here's a totally cool opportunity! Tuesday evening--that would be tomorrow, the 14th--my friend and fellow author, Lamar Smith, and I will be signing our respective books during the holiday wine tasting at WineStyles in Montgomery Plaza.

A few weeks ago, Lamar and I were sitting and talking at a restaurant and the owner of WineStyles came over to say hello to us. One thing led to another and she invited us to be part of this special evening in her store. How's that for way cool?

Lamar has written a very interesting and insightful novella, "There's More to Life Than the Corner Office." It is a great gift for the business-inclined folks on your shopping list.  It is also a wonderful introduction to the mind of a truly great individual.

My book, "No Mercy," is an adventure story. It too will make a good gift for readers who are high-school age and up.

I'm hearing that the story line stands up well as an adventure tale, but if you want a book that invites you to think more deeply as the backstory unfolds, "No Mercy" is a good choice. Most readers are telling me that they finished the book and started reading it again the next day.

WineStyles is located in the Seventh Street corridor between downtown and the Museum District. If you will recall, the warehouses of the old Montgomery Ward complex were blown apart during a tornado. The entire property is now refurbished and reinvented, decorated for Christmas, and filled with everything from great eating places to a big-box, super store or two. Woohoo! You can make an evening of it just strolling under the lights, enjoying the chill, and knocking out some shopping.

Lamar and I will both have books on hand, but feel free to bring your existing copies of our books, and we will be happy to sign them. There is no charge for the wine tasting. Typically there are five wines to sample with light  hours d' oeuvres in between.

For those of you from Georgia and Oklahoma (both authors included), it is not cool to make a meal off the snacks. (I want to know who made that rule, but I digress.) That said, if you like what you taste, Wine Styles has inventory on hand. Depending upon how your shopping has gone, you can take your wine purchases home or open a bottle at the store. Depending upon how books sales go, Lamar and I may join you.

If you are flying in for the signing... (just kidding--a delusional thought).

See you between 6:00 and 8:00 PM, Tuesday evening.