Burdens, Part 3

Paul despaired. David was troubled. Peter cried bitterly. Job questioned. Moses argued with God. Mary wept. The disciples fished all night and caught nothing. Thomas doubted. The woman at the well was thirsty. Jesus pleaded. I encourage you, do not discount the difficulty you are experiencing. Acknowledge that your soul is not feeling well. Then take your soul and whatever it is sensing—doubt, disappointment, discouragement, anger, frustration, hopelessness, etc.—and present your soul’s cry passionately to your Father.

It is hard dealing with worries. It is difficult to hold your head up when you are losing what you have worked hard to accomplish. It is a challenge to be confident when failure looms.

Your Heavenly Father knows these things. And, He sincerely intends for you to give your concerns and burdens to Him.

Don’t presuppose you know what is yours and what is Father’s. Chances are, if what you are hauling around feels heavy, then you are carrying things that don’t belong to you. Father stated that His load was light and his yoke easy. But to clarify, it is possible for your soul to feel bad while your heart sings like a bird!

I remind you of what Father said, “Come to Me, and you shall find rest for your soul” (Mt. 11:28-29).

It is our responsibility to come, to haul our stuff to where He is, to leave it with Him, to let Him sort through it, and then to guide us as to what of it is our responsibility and what of it is His responsibility.

In the meantime, don’t pick up anything other than what He says is yours to carry. Anything else is His and is far too heavy for you to haul around!