Confidence, Part 1

Is Revelation 4:2 stuck to your refrigerator door? Tattooed on your forehead? Emblazoned on our dash? Have you committed it to memory?

In this verse, John simply states that he looked into heaven and saw a throne, and God was sitting on His throne (Rev. 4:2).

Why is this important?

Because if God was anxious—or absent for that matter—He would not be sitting down on His throne. He would be up pacing in some divine frenzy. Or if He was absent, He would have bailed out to find calmer climes leaving us to fend for ourselves.

The fact that John writes and tells us that he saw the throne of God and that our Father occupied His throne is crucial information. We are not on our own. We have not been left by ourselves to sort through the difficulties assaulting us. We are not isolated in the storm or alone in the dark.

God is not in crisis! But some of us are, aren’t we?