Courageous Compassion

I recently met a lady who was married to a big, burly sort with a black mustache. He had a raven mane to his shoulders, rode an old Harley, and drove nails for a living.  By her testimony, she loved him—first of all—for the tremendous compassion he exhibited. Compassion is strong medicine.

Have you ever tried to surmise what Christ’s most compassionate act was, apart from the cross?

Maybe it was talking with the woman at the well?  Defending the woman caught in adultery?  Choosing Peter; hard-headed, impetuous, slow-to-get-the message Peter?  Or Saul, the chief of sinners?  Or perhaps you; lost in your sins, born in the lineage of Adam, arrogantly independent, the bent-on-self-sufficiency you?


Compassion is courageous, and it’s rooted in a cause:  passionate caring.

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