Fall Reading

I just returned from herding my one head of livestock through the neighborhood.

Would you believe it rained in Cowtown this morning? On rainy mornings it falls to me to walk the dog, thus my irregular excursion through the 'hood. It wasn't quite as hot as the end of August normally is. 

I tell you this because I want to suggest Battle for the Round Tower to you as a Fall reading option. It's hard to think about Fall when it's so hot (at least, it's hot here), but I've noticed that the kids went back to school, therefore it must be Fall. 

As your life returns to a normal routine of customary mania, the kids have homework, and bedtimes are inflexible, Battle for the Round Tower might be the diversion and desire your heart is hoping to find. Up front, it is an adventure story with suspense, good guys and bad guys--as well as good girls and bad girls--in settings that I would go visit on my next holiday. There is also a love interest (or two or three, but not 50) as the pages turn. But in addition, the novel unfolds a spiritual model for you to contemplate. 

My novels are not only adventure stories, they are models for you to consider, relate with, and then follow as you observe how they live. There are lots of spiritual principles in the pages of Battle for the Round Tower, and its preceding sequel, No Mercy, but not a single one is identified that way. 

You know, of course, that a picture is worth a thousand words. I've used the words of my book to create a picture, a metaphor of your life and mine, so that in identifying with Hank and the other characters you will gain momentum in your life.

It's my intention that you find yourself saying, "If this is how Hank's life works, then mine can work similarly." In my novels, fictional characters portray real life, so that as a reader, you can examine real life from a safe distance before reengaging. 

If you order now, you should have a book-in-hand shortly after Labor Day--when the last gasps of Summer breathe their final breaths and the grind of Fall makes a new book compelling. 

You can order from Amazon or from the options on my website, PrestonGillham.com under the "books" tab.