Fishing the Seams--and Why it Matters to God

My conviction is stronger today than ever before: Our Father’s number one priority is sharing His heart with us. More than anything else, He wants—even longs for—us to know Him as deeply as He knows us. Every good fisherman knows the secret to catching fish is fishing the “seams.”

The mouth of a creek spilling into a river, the current where slow water meets fast, the eddy behind and just to the side of a boulder, a submerged gravel bar, a jutting point of land, the edges around weed beds and dead heads, docks, and buoys. These are just a few of the possibilities that create seams in the flow of the water.

Fish like the seams because they can wait in an area they consider safe while waiting for lunch to float by. At the right moment, they slip across the seam, grab their meal, and cross back across the seam to their lair—or lazy water where they don’t have to expend as many calories waiting on breakfast.

River fishermen become especially adept at reading the currents in a river and will spend several minutes assessing the seams before ever casting a line. A little thoughtfulness before wading into the water increases the probability of success.

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