Forgiving and Forgiveness (1 of 3)

Brussels by Gillham

Brussels by Gillham

How’s the matter of forgiveness going for you? You know, forgiveness between you and God, you and others, and you and yourself?

A lady was telling me recently about the persistent abuse—sexual and physical—that her dad meted out to her. She desperately wants to forgive, but her dad is dead. And besides, there remains the matter of his gross misconduct.

Last week, a veteran now in his nineties spoke of his nightmares. He witnessed the atrocities of the Japanese against his buddies who were captured or who surrendered. He struggles daily to forgive.

Ten days ago I met with a woman whose professional life is in jeopardy because the CEO of her company is incompetent. In his day of crisis, he has unleashed a series of scathing, unjustified attacks upon her. She is his scapegoat. In all likelihood, she will not only lose her job, but she will have to relocate.

I promised to call my wife when my plane arrived in Miami. My flight was delayed. My connecting gate was a long way away. I was running. In short: I forgot. Dianne worried. I need forgiveness. My wife needs to forgive.

Put yourself in God’s shoes for a moment. From His vantage point, humanity is a gigantic offense against His one, solitary wish: to be recognized and honored as God. Long ago, in anger He determined to start all over. He smote all but a select few with a flood that made today’s floods look like puddles! Afterward, He vowed never to use water again, but determined to forgive—for His own sake.

That offenses are committed and that I am offended--or that I offend--is a given. How do I remedy the need for forgiving and forgiveness? That's next.