A few days ago I put a copy of “No Mercy” in the mail to my good friend, Fred. He emailed yesterday to say my package had arrived, but without the book. Someone along the way neatly cut the mailer open, removed the book, and resealed the envelope. An empty envelope from Bonefish Publication arrived in his box on Wednesday. Fred, who lives in Vermont, said he had the same thing happen on another occasion. He packaged up a container of maple syrup and mailed it. When it arrived, the recipient said the top of the box had been neatly opened, the syrup removed, the box resealed, and the empty container delivered otherwise unscathed. This is bad news for whoever ordered the syrup but good news for the value of “No Mercy.”

Items get lost, damaged, and delivered wrong all the time. There are whole departments at the USPO that manage these inevitabilities. But tampering with the mail—I think that is a federal crime that can land you a pair of orange coveralls and shower shoes.

Here is what I find interesting: Thousands of books are mailed, probably every day. I don’t have a clue how many of these packages are tampered with, but I find it remarkable that no more copies of “No Mercy” than there were in the mail on this given day (probably just that one), Fred’s was methodically, carefully opened, the book removed—and kept!—and the package resealed and delivered.

There is some probability that this event is coincidental. There is also a probability that this event is spiritual. Personally, given the content of “No Mercy,” what I’ve been observing of Father’s work through the book, and what I know of spiritual warfare I think the spiritual probability is statistically much greater than the coincidental option. Indeed. Much greater!

Since there are two, great forces in the world, this leaves two perspectives to consider: First, Fred is without his book. So, Satan prevents Fred from whatever benefit he will ultimately derive from reading “No Mercy.” Knowing Fred as I do, I think he’ll make it until the replacement arrives. Satan’s thwarting also costs me money and the anticipated endorsement from Fred once he is done reading. But seeing as how the “No Mercy” project and related business is Father’s, I’m not sure there is anything to be consternated over.

Second, the person who opened this innocuous package containing “No Mercy” (why didn’t they open the box containing the Magic Bullet blender?), and kept what they opened, is now in the hands of Father God. That’s pretty interesting to contemplate.

As we have seen time and again, Father will go to any measure to engage a man who is seeking Him. I like this option and consideration, although I’m not certain how a just God gets around mail tampering in His quest to engage this person’s heart. He’ll most likely get this figured out though.

Satan’s pettiness is easily remedied: a new book is en route to Fred via the US Mule. He’ll have it by spring.

But the man or woman with the stolen copy of “No Mercy:” Now this is something different.

I have two, big thoughts as I write: Pray for this person. You’ve read the book, and if you haven’t, this is a pretty good indicator you might closely consider doing so. It seems quite probable that Father is on this person’s trail—the “Hound of Heaven,” as Francis Thompson called Him, is chasing him. Intercede for this person! Pray that their encounter will be life-altering.

Second: Father is distributing “No Mercy” via unconventional means. I cannot honestly say my marketing plan included mail tampering. Clearly, it should have. Chalk it up to a small vision on my part!

What is an integral part of the marketing plan is for “No Mercy” to spread and circulate because you talk about it. That Father would smuggle a book to an unknown person between Texas and Vermont indicates He is using the message and story of “No Mercy” in remarkable ways. He is targeting souls, hunting them down, and engaging them. (Can you envision the person with the stolen copy of “No Mercy,” the book crying out to him from the kitchen counter or wherever it rests now that he has tampered it into his possession?)

I don’t know about you, but when I see Father head down an unmarked trail like this, I want to join Him.

So, please pray for this unknown soul. Please pray for yourself in light of this post, and if you need a copy of “No Mercy,” or need to send a copy to someone, here’s how to get it done. And, your discount increases as you order more copies. While you are praying, pray for Fred too. He’s a great man doing fabulous work.