Giving, Part 3

How can you know how much to give, and whom to give it to? Here are two guidelines to consider. First, we are instructed to give to those who bless us (Gal. 6:6). Second, stewardship is related to the heart: Where do you desire to give?

Why such a short answer?

Because while profound, the concept is simple: God doesn’t need stuff to keep His kingdom afloat. His goal in giving us things to manage is to give us—Him and us—something to talk about and something to do together.

In summary, stewardship is recognizing that you own nothing. You, and everything around you, belong to God. Second, stewardship is recognizing it is God who takes care of your needs not you yourself. Finally, stewardship affords us as stewards the regular opportunity to visit with the owner about His investments.

Therefore, the question becomes, will you give what is tangible in order to seize in your heart that which is intangible?