God's Sensibility

With just the right push, perhaps they would roll to the barn...

With just the right push, perhaps they would roll to the barn...

God has called us His and made us members of His family.

As His people, He states irrevocably that we are joint heirs in His estate, lineage, and heritage. This means that He has committed Himself to us just as he committed Himself to the Jews. In the same way we can trace His faithfulness throughout Israel’s history, we can expect nothing less of His lovingkindness to us.

It makes no sense.

The Bible has a word—a profound concept—for the irrationality of God: It is mercy.  

God is faithful. Given an inkling from our thoughts thus far of what His faithfulness requires of Him, that He is constantly faithful is a remarkable statement. But the fact of the matter is, God will not, cannot, depart from or compromise in the slightest His longsuffering mercy and faithfulness. Bottom line: God takes care of what is His.

I received the opportunity to speak in a church not long ago. It proved a unique experience. The ministry I provided was received exceptionally well. Over the last several months it has become obvious that significant spiritual transformation is occurring. One thing though: While I was at the church, the pastor did not respond well to my work. I suppose he accepted the truths and principles that I presented, but boy did he reject me! Before my conference concluded, the pastor confronted me with a trunk load of unjust criticism, some slanderous feedback, and other ridicule of a general nature. Not fun! As is often the catch phrase in such situations, the pastor reassured me his feedback was all in the name of Christian love.

I tried to be a gracious recipient. I tried to probe for further insight. I also tried to discuss the pastor’s concerns, but it was evident he was not open to a reasonable or rational exchange. So, I loaded up my soul with the pastor’s input and returned to Fort Worth, believing it best to let the hurtful things he said be buried in Fort Worth rather than left open and oozing within his church.

My immediate concerns rested in two areas: 1) What about the people I spoke to? Will they be able to wade through this mess the pastor made and hold on to their faith and the message they received? 2) What about my reputation? This church has been led to believe that I am not who they thought.

Neither of those concerns had answers—and I had no options. I was left to trust God to do as he deemed best and go on the only way I knew, looking to Him, trying to be gracious, setting my mind on things above, etc. But wow! Knowing unfair things were said and done against me was tough.

As time passed, pieces began to fall together. I received a few letters and phone calls. It became evident that those who knew of the problem seized the inequity of what transpired and became stronger. More time passed. I asked a few discrete questions. The majority of folks didn’t seem to even put two and two together. It was like the whole situation was hidden from them (which has to be a miracle).

The only one with a problem was the pastor, the one who started all the discord in the first place. The people came out fine. I came out fine. The results of the ministry were intact. It was an amazing journey over the course of several months.

Here’s the point again: God takes care of what’s His!

But what about the rock and roll of life? Will He calm the tumult? That's next.