Grace Life

Grace must be personal. If grace is God’s determined effort to share His heart with us, then grace is intimate. For all its profound infinity, the simple target of grace is our heart.

Grace is God’s determination to share His heart with us in hopes that we will respond to Him with our heart. Grace is God pouring out His heart upon us as if He had nothing else to do. Grace is an exotic expression of God’s wild, lavish, furious love for us, the objects of His affection.

Grace invites a response from us on any level, in any tongue, with any accent, from whatever dark corner we hear His voice reach. While grace is profound in its scope and intent, it is only meaningful if acknowledged.

Grace becomes personal when individually appropriated. Grace becomes eternal for me when I respond to God’s overture with my heart.

With my nod of commitment, a bond connects God’s heart (grace) to my heart, made new through salvation’s regeneration. Two hearts—God’s and mine—connected through reciprocity. The God of the universe in league with me! The created functioning as the Creator conceived. Man restored and God satisfied through the touch of grace.

This definition of grace is not cyclical; it is linear. For the infinity of eternity, God’s overture of grace, and my positive response, will carry us forward. This definition of grace is beyond theology, philosophy, or logic.

It is life.