Honey the dog—as opposed to Honey my wife—and I had an evening ritual while she was alive. She waited in the den while I went to the garage, got her food, and hid somewhere in the house. It was now my superior intellect and ingenuity against her nose. My favorite spots were in the bathtub and behind the door in the guest bedroom.

I never won—which doesn’t say much for my intellect and ingenuity, but it was good for the dog as she had a low tolerance for missing meals.

Some years ago I could have sworn God played the same game with me. However, I came to a faith-conclusion, based upon reading His Word, that God didn’t operate this way.

Although the enemy continues to argue the point, the fact remains: God does not play hide-and-seek with us. He wants us to know Him and understand Him more than we can ever imagine.

God is not hard to find, unless we look for Him in a box that doesn’t fit Him or His purposes. In actuality, if there is a game of hide-and-seek being played it is God doing the looking and us doing the hiding.

Next blog is about strength—continuing thoughts on this subject