How Do You Know the Will of God (1 of 2)

The Windy City (Chicago) from somewhere high up

The Windy City (Chicago) from somewhere high up

How do you make an important decision—find God’s will—and act with confidence when your counselors offer conflicting opinions, the data is confusing, and God seems to have lost the marker He uses to write on the wall?

First, when God doesn’t seem to be speaking loud enough for you to hear Him, it doesn’t mean He is a long ways away. On the contrary. The people you speak to softly, those you are quietest around, are the friends closest to your heart. God’s quietness is not distance, disfavor, or indifference. Actually, it is His closeness.

Do you really believe God would let you slip from His care? If He let this happen, He would invalidate His infallible Word.

Second, God’s will is not mystical and hard to find. He is not waiting on you to find His perfect will in order to provide His blessings for you. God is in you wherever you are and provides for you at every point of need. One of the primary jobs assigned to the Holy Spirit is to lead you.

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