I Have

For all the tenderness, strength, and commitment granted a new born child, the Lord God vows to be the same to you and me right through to old age. No disenchantment, bad days, mood swings, whims, or pettiness. As I noted in my last blog, He simply says, “I am and shall be the same.”

Just to be sure we hear Him right, He rephrases His last statement and says, “Even to your graying years I shall bear you!” The word “bear” literally indicates that the load is heavy, but that doesn’t stop the Him—the Lord God, your Heavenly Father—from making the vow anyway.

Here’s my favorite line from Isaiah 46:3-4: “I have made you,” the literal rendering states.

This isn’t a reference to forming our bodies during pregnancy. God is talking about character, person, and personality. He has overseen the process of us becoming who we are. Psalm 78:72 points out that God did this “according to the integrity of His heart” and with “skillful hands.”

He thought of you, formed you, and is still thinking of you.

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