Where would the challenge in life be if the flesh—i.e., my independent habits that cut God out of the picture—didn’t get in on the act? Acknowledging the presence of fear makes my flesh crawl. I heard somewhere that men aren’t supposed to be afraid. And, fear isn’t something I’m very well acquainted with.

In fact, the first time I encountered genuine fear, it took me a week to figure out what I was up against. I was on a trip at the time and called home to tell Dianne about my enlightenment. Her response was classic: “I could have told you that.”

For self-sufficient flesh/habits (which I don’t have, you understand; I just know a guy who does), admitting that I have a need creates anxiety. If I have a need, I’m no longer self-sufficient.

Of course, the fact is that Christ is my sufficiency. Period. But, proud flesh loves to be independent. Never mind that God is cut out of the picture.