Infanticide Tuesday

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Our society shifted on its axis Tuesday.

Did you notice?

You live in a fundamentally different world TODAY than you did on TUESDAY. The political winds did not shift. Our culture as human beings changed.

Whether you hate Trump or adore Trump is neither here nor there in the video clip I'm providing. In his SOTU, Mr. Trump pointed out an initiative on multiple fronts to legalize killing babies at the point of birth or shortly after birth.

This is not rough politics.

This has nothing to do with abortion.

This is infanticide, the killing of a baby within its first year of life.

All of the debate about tissue and heartbeat and pain in the womb has nothing to do with infanticide.

Infanticide is the execution of a newborn child, a human being that is viable outside of its mother. It is the legalized murdering of the most vulnerable of our species: a newborn baby.

This is not a Democratic or Republican plank. This is a HUMAN issue. Do NOT be deceived by partisan political issues.

Half the people listening to the SOTU in the House chamber demonstrate by their behavior that they support infanticide. Those remaining seated may think this is "just politics," but what political gain can possibly justify murdering our offspring?

Killing babies is not a political perspective. It is uncivil. It is disgusting. I'm tempted to declare it inhuman, but sadly, that would not be accurate.

Tuesday vividly shows us that the atrocity of infanticide is not the deranged view of Gov. Northam or the NY legislative body.

Tuesday night demonstrates in graphic clarity that there is a sizable movement within our human society to legalize killing babies if it suits our whim. This is not partisan politics. This is a MONSTROUS shift in our culture.

I'm writing to point out what has transpired. It is time to step up, my fellow Americans—indeed, my fellow human beings. I'm not certain how we got here, but the game has changed in America. It is crystal clear in this video.

What are you going to do about it? Are you sitting on this issue or standing on this issue?