Interview with Lucifer (2 of 3)

Last week I had the opportunity to interview the devil, Lucifer. He is also known as, Satan, Day Star, Prince, and king of Babylon. Here, in three parts, is a transcription of our conversation. This is part two. Our opening discussion can be found here 

Ice in Montana

Ice in Montana

Q     Now sir, you were saying something about ICS?

A          Yes, right. Impersonation, or the “I,” is simply to deceive the Believer in Jesus Christ regarding who his true enemy is. Even though the sinful propensity for independence was crucified and buried with Christ at Calvary, we see no reason not to impersonate that old nature for our purposes of deception. This way all, or should I say the vast majority, of our marketing efforts—temptations, if you prefer—seem like the Christian’s idea. Impersonation is quite effective. They become introspective and subject to self-condemnation, searching for the cause of their failure while expending great spiritual effort to deal with the hideous “self.” Never mind that their old self was dealt a fatal blow in Christ. Given the approach I’m describing, they think they are generating temptation. All the while it’s us! It is very amusing and quite rewarding actually. This strategy alone has done more for the net profit at Hell, Inc. than any other tactic or product. And of course, once the Christian accepts our impersonation as being his own idea, he’s extremely vulnerable because he has officially sinned.

Q          That is insidious!

A           Isn’t it? I love it! It’s one of our finest implements.

Q          And the second strategy, the “C”?

A          Yes. This is also a remarkable approach. Its versatility makes it cunningly effective. While we do use Character Assassination on Believers—you know, I hate calling them God’s children, the whole hereditary link, and so forth. But, I digressed again, didn’t I? Our principal execution of strategy C is accusation of God to the Believer. This is subtle most of the time, creating a nagging hesitation about His character or motive. It is precisely the same tack I took when I birthed the Great Rebellion and founded Hell, Inc. If you think about it, you hear and read our statements everywhere. In fact, strategy C is proliferating exponentially due to increased stress in mankind’s society. Thanks to strategy C, God is blamed for just about everything man finds discomforting. It is only natural for man to question during stressful times. But to ask the right question, that is the key. The wrong query leads only to equally wrong, and sometimes more troubling, answers. For example, it is common to hear, “Why didn’t God answer my prayers?” when the divorce papers arrive. “Doesn’t He care about how hard I try to please Him?” when bankruptcy has to be filed. “Why me when sickness sets in two days after vacation begins?” and the implication is that God caused the illness, or at least, didn’t prevent it. There are any number of these questions—and they all indict God. I devised each through strategy C and my people deploy them through strategy I. It all seems and feels to humans very natural and innocuous. But with perseverance, the payoff is significant: the adulteration of God’s character.

                Even though the Bible strictly prohibits the concocted belief that God can instigate evil and wrongdoing, it leaves Him vulnerable to Character Assassination through His attributes of control and being all-powerful. Simply stated, if He knows all, and controls all, and can do anything, it leaves His subjects precariously receptive to my question: “Why doesn’t He…?” whatever. Fill in the blank.

                At this time, the church and its theology, and the world and its philosophy, have pretty well adopted the ridiculous notions of God being at fault, man’s vassalage to His whims, and Hell, Inc.’s relative remoteness. If my organization and I are distant, or better yet, imaginary, then we are not responsible. We don’t have anything to do with what man deems unpleasant, unfortunate, or wrong. By clear implication then, God is to blame. And this is the way I want it, for now anyway.

And tomorrow, the third and final installment of my interview with Lucifer. 

I had the opportunity to sit down with the Prince at his regional headquarters in Fort Worth, Texas. If you would like to know more about him and his initiatives, there are multiple passages devoted to him from the Bible. Perhaps the most complete is, Isaiah 14:12 ff. In addition, he and the Spirit of God are engaged in ongoing hostilities over the allegiance of humankind. More on this and the strategies of each side can be considered in the book, No Mercy