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Starting to remodel a ninety-year old bathroom

Starting to remodel a ninety-year old bathroom

I'm going to let your Inbox rest for a few days while Dianne and I break away from our normal routine, i.e. mania.

As you can see from the attached photograph, we are very deeply committed to a remodeling project--a project I am attempting largely on my own. You might wonder if I know what I'm doing.

Great question. 

I do know a fair amount about construction projects. The problem is that the knowledge I know has not yet intersected with the project at hand. 

I'm only kidding, but not by much. I have tapped the expertise of several buddies and thus far have avoided grinding to a halt or killing myself. Stand by, however.

The beauty of not knowing exactly what I'm getting into is that had I known what would happen when I began breaking the layers of sheetrock and plaster off of our  bathroom wall, I don't know that I would have begun. Ignorance is bliss, as they say, and if you have a ninety-year old house you are forewarned. 

When you think of my  bathroom project, and if you have any spare prayers to pray, I would appreciate the mention to Father God. He does have a great deal pressing upon Him, both at home and abroad. I would hate to think Dianne and I are rerouting electricity and redoing medicine cabinets without His divine guidance. (smile)

I'll be back the week of March 21st. Until then, take care.