Launching Paul

Two things! This is what Paul came away with after being stoned in Lystra. These two things were the energy that fueled his inner man to stand the shambles of his physical being upright and walk to town. Paul knew who Christ was in him and who he was in Christ—and no doubt had some semblance of understanding about Satan’s intent to quash this message.

The Spirit of God dusted Paul off and sped healing to his bludgeoned body in supernatural form.

This was a turning point, not only for Paul, but also for us. From this point forward, Paul devotes his ministry to expressing the magnitude of what Father God actually accomplished in our brother Christ at the cross and the provision He made for us to live powerfully and securely in Him.

What appeared to be a mob crime scene was in actuality the launch pad God used to catapult his messenger forward to share with us things beyond description, things that our Father has prepared for us.