Love Versus Like

Do you ever wonder whether or not God likes you? To plumb the depths of God’s love is a formidable, lifelong task. But in a theological sense, God has to love because that’s what He is.

However, to love someone and to like someone are two different things. While the Bible says, “God is love,” it does not say, “God is like.” So, I was just wondering, do you believe God likes you?

Some years ago a renegade, long-haired, cross-toting, blue jeans-clad, evangelist named Arthur Blessitt told the story of his trek across Ireland preaching the gospel while carrying his life-size cross with him. He was accompanied by a staid, conservative, Anglican priest as his escort while on the Irish isle.

Arthur said his curiosity got the better of him after traveling with the priest for several weeks. While flying between cities, He turned to the priest and asked, “Brother, you have traveled with me for a long time. But I’ve got to know, do you love me?”

In his trademark fashion, the priest turned to Arthur and quietly said, “Yes, Arthur. I love you. But not only that, I like you.”

But that’s Arthur’s story—and a priest who was his friend. The question I opened with remains unanswered. Next time: Does God like you?