Loved and Bonded

Did you know you are the first and last thing on God’s mind? There is nothing more important among God’s responsibilities than His relationship with you. The greatest opportunity before God is the chance to communicate His love to you. He cherishes each moment spent conveying His heart and thoughts to you.

You are bonded to God.

There is nothing that can separate you from Him, not death, not life, not angels, not kings, not rulers, not the economy, not war, not the government…nothing! You can let worry, distress, fear, concerns, demands, your history, and your misconceptions make it seem as though God’s love is remote, heavy-handed, and persnickety. But God can no more love imperfectly than He can act unjustly.

God is love. To be anything less than love to you would be a denial of His basic identity. You are God’s loved one!

Consider that for a moment. You are God’s loved one. Say that out loud to yourself: “I am God’s loved one.”

But realize this: Anything you allow to diminish the profound nature and depth of God’s love for you is a direct slap in God’s face.

Considering yourself as someone who is loved by God in some reserved fashion is to adopt an attitude that believes God loves you because of what you do or can become. I repeat. God does not love you for what you are supposed to be because you will never be that.

God loves you because He is love and you are you.

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