Loved One

As God’s loved one, consider this: Since you are the primary person on God’s mind, wouldn’t it stand to reason that your day must be filled with efforts on God’s part to communicate His love to you? I’m sure it is. All that is lacking is for you to take notice.

As I write to you, I’m in what would appear to be a mess. It is late in the evening, bedtime actually. I’m sitting in a deserted coffee bar in Chicago’s O’Hare airport watching gray-green, low slung clouds move from the southeast and listening to the thunder of colliding fronts. With increasing frequency lightning spits toward the earth in blue bolts.

My 8:00 PM flight to Winnipeg has now been moved into the wee hours of tomorrow morning. Most of the tarmac is filled with idle planes, their strobes flicker against the rain.

But the real view is this: I’m not in a mess. My Father has just stopped the entire Chicago-based flight system and given me a front-row seat to one of the most incredible, dynamic, astounding light shows to ever be witnessed by a man. Father really went out of His way this time, but there is no mistaking His point: I am loved.

As I stare out at the rows of red strobes flashing, I choose to take confidence in the fact that I am loved. That realization is worth more than a night’s sleep.

Let me ask you again: How long has it been since you reminded yourself how loved you are?