Managing Change

Envision two rivers: one is moderately fast, the other flows fast and furious. In both instances, envision yourself standing on the bank, studying the flow rate, weighing the risk of crossing to the other side, but knowing that if you opt to do nothing—to stay on your side of the river—you will die a pitiable death. Crossing the river is a visual image conveying the disruption involved in changing.

The first river, the one with the moderate current, represents those changes that require you to adjust. Entering the river will most certainly change you, but in time, you will cope and manage, and regain your footing on the other side. You can see it, and can imagine what crossing will mean to you.

The second river, the torrent, represents disruptive change. Crossing this river will revolutionize your life, and this sounds really cool. The trick is, the revolution and its risks are uncertain. You can wade into the raging current, swim for all you’re worth, believe you will survive the experience, but there is no guarantee where you will land on the other side. Crossing could be ruinous or glorious. Your life will most certainly be transformed radically, so profoundly you will never be able to return to the status quo of the river bank where you stand now.

Staying where you are—on this side of the river—is an option, but a poor one. This side of the river is heart-degree dissatisfaction. Either quickly, or after a passage of time, you will suffer the loss of courage, possibility, honor, and determination. All these are things your soul needs to live a robust life.

This parable applies to all change. But with the portrayal of the second river, I’m specifically thinking about spiritual change. Revolution. Return to a fiery heart-disposition akin to your Heavenly Father’s fiery heart-passion.

God’s intent is evident, but there is a torrent between where you are and what can be. Where do you begin?

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