Marketing (2 of 2)

Brussels, Grand Place by Gillham

Brussels, Grand Place by Gillham

Heaven is a benefit, not the goal.

If we market heaven and nothing more, we sell people something that won’t do them any good right now. But if we sell people life in Christ, then they get life now and heaven thrown in.

So we are Believers, followers of Christ. We have a new identity in Him. In particular, we are set apart to God, righteous, triumphant…and about 300 other character qualities as well…because we are in Christ. He is our life. The Holy Spirit is our resource to exemplify Christ through us. This is what we have!

Here is how you keep it: Your relationship with God is as secure as Jesus’ relationship is with God. Your ability to demonstrate Christ’s life is empowered through the Holy Spirit to point you—and others—to God.

In short, you rest in who you are and who He is while actively—every moment—depending upon Him to live through you. So, you don’t keep anything. God keeps you!

We hear a great deal about what we have to do right now in order to gain something from God. Pressure. Fear. Baloney! God has given us everything pertaining to life and godliness (2 Pt. 1:3). This is our state of being as followers of Jesus.

As to the marketer’s question: “How do you keep it?” What is yours in Christ is not dependent upon your ability to keep it! It is the free gift of God, sealed by His pledge, sworn to by His name, and held in His hands through the finished work of Jesus, not only now, but for all eternity.

Bask in what Father has given you as one of His. Encourage yourself and others with these words. Speak often of these things. Trust Christ to live through you with all you possess.

If you do these things, you will prove to be a dandy marketer. Or in biblical terminology, a great witness for the One who is your life.