Miscellaneous Prayer, Part 1

Does your mind ever wander while you are trying to pray, especially when you are attempting to listen in prayer? Does it seem you have the attention span of a gnat? I answer, “Yes,” to both questions.

And what makes this even more frustrating is that this experience is random. Sometimes I focus like a laser, and at other times my mind is cluttered with life’s paraphernalia.

I stepped out for my evening walk several nights ago, which is also one of my opportunities to spend time praying. By the first corner, I sensed God had something to say to me this evening that would make it special. Braxie-the-dog and I turned south on Warner Road waiting to hear what was on the Lord’s mind.

Within a block and a half my frustration was building. Desperately trying to stay focused and listen to God, a variety of thoughts were zinging off the walls of my mind like a racquetball.

What do I do? Father has something to say and I can't get focused?