Models to Follow

You would think telling someone what to do would provide enough information to create change. And in truth, there are some people who respond to information, but their numbers are slim.

Information and instruction by themselves don't provide enough incentive for most of us to take action. If cajoled and harangued, maybe--like the people on commercials and infomercials do. But after hearing enough information, most of us are inoculated against taking action. 

The fact is, showing someone what to do is much more effective than telling someone what to do.

As I sat down to write Battle for the Round Tower, as with its sequel, my primary goal was to provide an example--a model to follow--for how a follower of Christ lives.

In my main character, Hank, I create a man who is flawed just as badly as we are--perhaps worse in some respects--but who models faith, trust, redemption, and hope. And likewise, who models failure, doubt, distrust, and independence. In short, he honestly presents our lives as Believers, not the pitiful existence many call Christianity. No, Hank shows us how to live and love and walk courageously as warriors of the light. 

Battle for the Round Tower isn't just an adventure story. It is a metaphor of life that you can follow if you wish. 

You can order Battle for the Round Tower from Amazon. Or if you prefer, you can order a copy from my online store called Create Space.

The majority of us need someone to show us the way. It is my intent to provide such a person in Hank Henderson.