Unless you are moving, you aren't going anywhere.

Momentum. You must have it.

But being in motion isn't enough. You need traction. Walking on a treadmill demonstrates traction and expends a lot of energy, but no matter how long you march, you still get off at the same place you got on. 

More momentum, i.e. going faster, with great traction and better shoes...while on the wrong road means you will only get farther faster. It doesn't mean you will get where you need to go.

We all need momentum, with traction, but we also need direction. We need these regularly, with confidence, competence, and security.

As I transition myself from writing Battle for the Round Tower, reintroducing No Mercy, and overhauling my web and blog site, there is a central theme for what I can contribute to the journey of our lives: momentum, traction, and direction. Whether you access these offerings from my archives, my books, my blog, or my guidance and consulting, you should expect modeling, momentum, traction, and direction.

Together, we are on the move. And, our direction does indeed matter.