Multiplications Guarantor

Through afflictions God was multiplying His purpose. He was getting Israel ready to go, ready to leave Egypt, ready to plunder the Egyptians, ready to seize the Promised Land.

To state the obvious: Israel would not have wanted to go had they not been unhappy in Egypt. Furthermore, Pharaoh would not have released Israel if not for his afflictions. And not the least of God’s preparations, He was preparing Moses to lead—in very similar fashion to the way He—God—was leading. 

Do you see? The conflict and affliction of Egypt, the wilderness, and the Promised Land were yielding a multiplication to possess the land of promise and freedom. This is the way of God—and knowing this about God means an opportunity for development invariably is yours when hardship finds you.  

It takes immense composure to not panic when the bank calls, the insurance doesn’t cover it, your friend betrays you, and your child runs amok. When sickness descends, when the storm bites, and when the killer angels come it is disarming. All of this and all that hell is capable of producing is formidable. 

One of these days we will be free from this dark land, but for this time in our eternal lives we have confidence. We know our heavenly Father will not waste a single sorrow. As the guarantor of our lives, He ensures our afflictions here yield multiplication now and for eternity.