My Assumption

I believe God loves you and that you love Him back. I also believe God’s enemy in the world goes to great lengths to compromise your love for and perspective about God.

I believe you want your faith to matter. Deeply. Every day. I also believe your enemy in this world wants to cast your faith as irrelevant and will use circumstance, deception, invective, and pontification by those who should know better to achieve his goal.

I believe you are a spiritual person temporarily housed in a frail and failing physical Earth suit. I also believe your enemy would like for you to believe that this earthly life is all there truly is until death comes to get you, that your physical existence is the most important aspect of your being, and that the hereafter is of little or no earthly importance.

I believe that you, as a spiritual person, are engaged in a great battle of universal impact and importance. I also believe that this spiritual conflict pervades every aspect of your daily life. And, I believe the enemy of your soul labors to convince you that this conflict is a fantasy that will fade if you look the other way.

I believe you have a new heart as a follower of Jesus Christ. Via the Holy Spirit, God lives in your new heart. He has written His desires, wishes, and thoughts on the walls of your heart to remind you of who and whose you are. I further believe that these drafted desires serve as talking points between you and the Holy Spirit in your quest to live true to your new self and God. I also believe there are many in positions of influence, perhaps well meaning, who want badly to convince you that your heart is desperately wicked and hopelessly dark.

I believe that as a follower of Jesus Christ, endowed with a new heart, you are no longer a member of the Kingdom of Darkness but are filled with light, fully included in the family of God, transformed into a new person, filled with profound longing to communicate with your Heavenly Father, and are positioned as a warrior in the Kingdom of Light. I also believe this is very bad news for your enemies and that this makes you a powerful person in this life and the next who is therefore a target for spiritual warfare.

I believe that the new you, in cohort with the Spirit of God, wage war against your flesh and the sin seeking to entangle you, deceive you, and rob you of the light that is yours. I also believe that this battle would not be profound and problematic to you if your flesh and the Spirit were not diametrically opposed to one another in a bipartisan, spiritual battle, of both earthly and eternal importance.

I believe you deeply desire to live here on Earth with the confidence and conviction you know are yours in heaven. I further believe that your enemy and the forces of this present darkness endeavor daily and momentarily to skew your true desires with busyness, life’s noise, misconceptions about you and your Heavenly Father, and the degree to which you have been made new through Christ’s redemption.

I believe you want to talk about, think about, and embrace all that is true concerning you as a Believer. And, I also believe you are laboring to sift through the plethora of available resources to find something that will practically portray your life in Christ Jesus and convey a portrait to you worthy of emulation.

Therefore, given these beliefs, it is my assumption that you will seize the day, step into victory, confront the flesh, and rise to your calling as a warrior of light if—if—if you can see how. If you can find a trusted guide, it is my assumption that you will leap at life’s adventure. And it is my further assumption that if you can figure out who the players are in this life’s battle, you will rise up against the darkness, seizing whatever weapons are at hand, and confront the Kingdom of Darkness as a warrior of light in the Kingdom of Light.

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