"No Mercy" for Christmas

Have you considered giving a gift of No Mercy this Christmas? It is a gift that will keep on giving, influencing, and creating a vision long after the decorations are stored until next year. The next time the family gathers, you can discuss what it means to you to walk in the light versus live in the pit. Or, like the main characters in No Mercy do, what it might look like to go on a llama-supported, fly fishing trip together.

You can purchase the book at Amazon, but if you would like for me to personalize your copy, or if you would like to receive a bulk discount, you need to order through my publisher, Bonefish Publication.

In order to personalize books, place your order, then send an email with names and/or personal messages to, Info@BonefishPublication.com. I'll sign the books and then they will be shipped.

I'll write to you again before Christmas Day, but until then, here's wishing you a wonderful Christmas!