One Toe, Now a Whole Body Over the Line

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First, it was the governor of Virginia explaining that it would be permissible to kill a newborn baby, resting in the hospital nursery, under the care of a pediatrician, if the mother decides it is not in her interest to have a child. The bill he was explaining failed to pass. The fact it came to the floor for debate is horrid.

Then, it was the New York legislature legalizing abortion up to and including full-term. Let's be clear: Infanticide--the killing of a viable baby--is legal in New York.

Rhode Island followed suit. Several other states are scrambling to get their own version of infanticide, i.e. abortion without limitation, legalized.

And now. Now. (I've paused writing. My mind is kind of rebooting, over and over. Can the next thought be true?)

Now, by a vote of 53-44 the United States Senate defeated a bill that would protect the life of a child--a living, breathing, human baby--who survives an abortion attempt.

The mother determines to abort a viable baby, i.e. a child fully capable of life outside the womb, and the abortion attempt fails. The child is born--it passes through the birth canal into waiting hands and is alive, breathing air. The umbilical cord is cut. The child is now alert and living among its species. And. Those attending this most-vulnerable among us kills it.

If you walked into the same hospital nursery, picked out a child in a bassinet, drew a knife, and stabbed the baby through the heart, you would be indicted for murder.

But under these new standards, you will simply get in your car, drive home, and have dinner with your family. Even though you murdered a newborn. As a healthcare provider, perhaps you murdered multiple newborns on this work day.

"What do you do for a living?"

"I murder babies, all day long, and I do so legally. It's part of a woman's health, you understand. Our leaders in DC determined it to be so."

Now, let me be perfectly clear: This is NOT a political debate. The Democratic Party is the party advancing this, and the Republican Party is opposing thus far, and that makes these legislative maneuvers appear political. They are not.

THIS IS NOT A POLITICAL RANT, people. This is an attempt to help us realize, we are legalizing murder of babies.

If you are of the Democratic persuasion, your party has put you in a difficult political position. You like the planks in the Democratic platform. Good for you. Political debate is essential for our government to work right. BUT.

This "plank" is immoral, unethical, and disgusting. That is different from political persuasion.

If you want to have the luxury of political debate, you must first let your party know that murdering children is inexcusable and you are opting out. I don't know where you go or what you form as an alternative. This post or my link below are not about saying you should be a Republican or a Christian. Be whatever suits your political preference, but first ask the question: Am I okay with murder as part of my political support?

Simply, it is wrong to kill babies.

That's it.

Forget all the ins and outs of political lingo. The argument is straightforward: Infanticide has NO PLACE in American life.

Here’s a link with a solid philosophical view, analyzing the argument justifying this atrocity.