Our Great Part

Although Theodore Roosevelt wasn’t talking about Christianity in his famous Chicago speech, his words apply. “If we are to be a really great people, we must strive in good faith to play a great part in the world.” Our individual relationships with Christ are intensely personal on the one hand; but on the other, we are to be beacons of light to those around us. We are to be actively intervening on behalf of people against the enemy as he tries his best to ramrod them into his program.

All around us there are people struggling with various challenges. For some it’s a self-image problem, while for others it’s a closet full of masks and skeletons feeding off each other. Fronts, facades, wall; competence, acceptance, self-worth. It makes no difference what the fleshly tactic is, anything of the flesh is sin and ultimately we will suffer the consequences.

What greater issue is there than to understand the magnitude of what God did in Christ at the cross?

As TR said, “We cannot avoid meeting great issues,” and God’s work in/through Christ is one of them that affects all of us. In fact, it is the greatest issue in all of history.

If we consistently intervene in the lives of our kids, spouse, friends, colleagues, etc., with a life that exemplifies Christ’s victory, and if we look for opportunities to reinforce this to them, we address this greatest of all issues and affect the world in a great way.

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