Prayer Tribe: Celebration

I reached Fort Worth, Texas late last Thursday. As I turned on my cell phone, a text message popped up: “The books are here.” I barely greeted my best friend as she handed me a hot-off-the press copy of Preston’s No Mercy. It had arrived only hours earlier. I held it with trepidation. I was mindful of the countless prayers and support that you have poured in the last four months. For a moment I wished that you were there with me. On a second thought I realized that in fact you were. Your prayers were the sustaining momentum in the birth of the book. Later on Preston shared, “I would have never been able to finish [No Mercy] without the Prayer Tribe’s support.” The next day we celebrated the publishing of No Mercy. It was not yet practical or possible for Preston and Di to invite the entire Prayer Tribe over for the occasion, so I represented the Prayer Tribe. I believe I did a fine job of it, especially when it comes to enjoying a great dinner with a glass of wine :). In all seriousness, I felt like a dignitary at a royal signing ceremony when Preston was autographing copies of No Mercy. It was a momentous occasion. It was a ceremony. It was a celebration of Father’s heart, of one person’s obedience, of victory over darkness, of the faithfulness of the Prayer Tribe, of many lives that will be changed and lived in the light of Christ.

Join in the celebration and do not stop praying! More to come.

Be blessed as you celebrate,

Reny Madjarska Head Prayer Tribeswoman