Prayer Tribe: Countdown

As I write this, a UPS truck (or FedEx, perhaps) is caring about 52 boxes of the finished No Mercy through the great plains of the Midwest, with a stop at an Amazon distribution warehouse in Kansas and a final destination, Bonefish Publication warehouse in Fort Worth, TX. The books may already be in Kansas. The point is: the BOOK IS BORN! I had the privilege to take a peak at the e-book. It is absolutely beautiful. I am so excited I can hardly stand it. I can’t wait for you to see the dedication page. I am not telling, but you will love it. On the other hand, our brother Preston needs a little encouragement from us. He just moved a mountain, or climbed it, if you wish. Single-handedly he lived thru the story line, poured out his heart on the pages of No Mercy, sorted through multiple options of designers, editors and publishers, lined up the right team, organized the online launch, the electronic store, the printed delivery, the publishing company and the upcoming marketing efforts. Makes me tired just thinking about it. I am sure I am missing half of it. Understandably the fast pace has caught up with him. Yet, he needs to shift gears and be ready to present the book to the world. Would you pray for his rest and divine marketing creativity multiplied in the next day or two. And if you have a moment, would you email Preston and encourage him on his great accomplishment. It is truly amazing.

Be encouraged as you encourage others,

Reny Madjarska

Head Prayer Tribeswoman