Prayer Tribe: Development

The holiday season is especially difficult after the passing of a loved one. Please continue interceding for Preston and his family as they grieve the loss of their mother. Preston already wrote an eloquent tribute to Anabel and her life. I could not add to it, instead I would focus our attention on some of the significant developments surrounding No Mercy.

Preston is about to make his first TV appearance in promoting the book. It is notable that the first TV presentation is not on home soil, but in Canada. The two largest Canadian Christian TV networks will hold interviews and will promote the book. Although this is very exciting, there have been many logistical challenges. Shipping books from the US is cost prohibitive, so new printing, distribution and shipping companies had to be located in Canada. Please pray that every single detail comes together, and that Father would protect every link in the chain of production and distribution. Pray for a warm reception of the book on the Canadian market and specifically that ALL inventory would be sold. Pray that US TV stations will pick up Preston as a guest speaker. Most of all pray for the spiritual transformation of Canada and its people. Father loves the Canadian people and for some reason He is choosing Canada as the first market to widely spread No Mercy.

Be blessed as you pray,

Reny Madjarska Head Prayer Tribeswoman