Prayer Tribe: Final Countdown and Opposition

The various pieces of No Mercy’s introduction into the world are pretty much ready to go as soon as the product is in hand. So far, so good. Except that the printing company has made what appears to be another clerical-level error that has thrown printing behind another week or so.  In addition, Preston’s personal technology melted down this morning—Outlook, all email accounts associated with the publisher, store, and fulfillment. iPhone wigged out. Connectivity destabilized.

This a vivid example of enemy resistance: to bring distortion of communication, to create confusion. Just pray fervently. Our Heavenly Dad has everything under control and He will take care of it.

Frustration and loss of time aside, I am actually delighted of the opposition and resistance. It does confirm that we are on the right track and our prayers are not in vain. Be encouraged Tribe. We are apart of work so important that the enemy of God will spare no effort to derail.  So, off to prayer.

Be blessed on your knees,

Reny Madjarska

Head Prayer Tribeswoman