Prayer Tribe: How do you measure success?

You are faithful payer warriors and I am grateful for your partnership. Your prayers are making a difference: the substantive round of edits is coming to a close, Preston is pleased with the quality of the edits and how they enhanced the story line, the creation of the book is further along than it’s ever been. As far as I can measure, our Prayer Tribe is a success! But what if these great things were not happening? Would we still be a success? As a writer, Preston can measure success with book sales. How many sold books does it take for one to be a success in the Kingdom of God? In God’s economy the measure of success is obedience and stewardship. As a Prayer Tribe we have an opportunity to participate in something that will impact many for Christ, our obedience is to join and our stewardship is to use every spiritual tool available to fight against the powers or darkness. As an author Preston’s obedience and stewardship is to write and release to the world God's message given to him. But ultimately God is the owner of our time, our prayers, Preston’s writing. He defines success and it may or may not translate into anything we can measure. Yet at the end we are a success because we joined, we prayed, we wrote and in the process we obeyed and stewarded what was given to us.

This week, pray that Preston stewards his time exceptionally well. Pray against impediments and unexpected interruptions coming his way. Mid week Steve, the editor, is starting line editing – grammar, wording, punctuation. Pray that his work will continue to reflect excellence. Finally, the printing company needs to be identified. Pray to connect with the right firm for this project.

Till the next time, be blessed.

Reny Madjarska Head Prayer Tribeswoman