Prayer Tribe: In Father's Hands

Have you ever taken a computer based test only to get to the end and be faced with a question, “Are you ready to submit your results for grading?” If you manage to push ‘submit,’ and right after your breath almost stops, your life begins to flash in front of your eyes as you wait for the longest 15 seconds to pass. It is going to be more than 15 seconds for Preston to see the results of the publishing of No Mercy, but the “submit” button has been pushed today. Preston emailed me, “The final copy of No Mercy left my computer this morning and is now in the hands of Leslie and Lindsay. Wow! What an incredible thing to say. I began writing No Mercy seven years ago. Of course, I began the research 54 years ago. I’m excited and scared and confident at all at once, which means I’m a mess inside. No Mercy is [Father’s]. It is His to do with it as He wishes, and it is time for me to revisit the message of the book regarding trust. Odd how I must return to the fundamentals, but with each return, Father further tempers my resolve.”

Please continue to pray:

No Mercy is with the designers and layout people: Leslie, Lindsay, and Stephen. Please continue to pray for them according to the last post

• Preston must write the critically important summary for the back of the cover

• Courage and confidence for Preston in the face of certain criticism for No Mercy’s honesty

• Preparation of readers’ hearts as No Mercy makes its entry into their lives

Till the next time, be blessed,

Reny Madjarska Head Prayer Tribeswoman