Prayer Tribe: Loss

Last night Preston lost a dear friend after a long and fierce battle with cancer. For many months Preston had coached him to walk courageously through darkness and to allow pain to become a mentor to his soul and spirit. Our brother Kevin is being mentored by Jesus himself now. Yet, Preston needs your prayers as he ministers to the family and mourns the loss of a very close friend. The work on No Mercy might be slightly delayed but it will not stop. The release of No Mercy is at a critical juncture. The final edits are completed. Thank you Lord! Several versions of the book cover are ready, and we need to know which one is Father’s choice. We are in need of an electronic store offering the best customer experience and yet at a reasonable price. Difficult to find. Not impossible for God. Also, the shipping and handling component is still missing. Please intercede for a creative solution which will serve people well and get the book in as many hands as possible.

Grieving with Preston and the family,

Reny Madjarska

Head Prayer Tribeswoman