Prayer Tribe: Marketing

I titled this post "marketing" but it is more than marketing that is the matter of prayer. The focus this week is the overall strategy of distribution and promotion of No Mercy. Clearly, God can accomplish it anyway He pleases. He can spread the word like a wild-fire and it will be cool to watch. But He may use the methodical, deliberate steps of a carefully thought out marketing plan. Either way, the prayer and the goal is one: as many people as possible to hear about No Mercy, buy it, read it, and pass it along to their friends. Pray as you feel led. I am leaning towards the 'wild-fire' idea. On another note, as the book gains popularity, so would Preston's name and persona. The transparency and honesty of his writing will not remain unnoticed. That will represent a huge change in his and Dianne's lives. The demands on thier time and attention will multiply. The more effective the writing, the greater the opposition of the enemy. Would you talk to Father about this? Specifically for protection and preparation of Preston and Dianne's heart, mind, body and spirit.

Be blessed this week,

Reny Madjarska Head Prayer Tribeswoman