Prayers for Deliverance, Part 1

Do you have any idea how many people are praying for you? While you might not have realized it, the body of Christ—your brothers and sisters in the faith—are praying for you, thinking about you, and caring about what concerns you. It is an interesting thing to be prayed for, isn’t it?

Sometimes our Father answers prayer outright, delivers us, and we share a glorious testimony to His provision and answered prayer. Other times, Father answers differently, prayer takes longer to be answered—if at all seemingly—and our requests are swallowed in a flood of challenges and doubts.

Even so, prayer is a discussion between a Believer and the Lord God, and while our prayers are not always answered as we might wish, God listens, considers, and always has our best in mind. In fact, God will even do things that appear incongruous with who He is in answering our prayers.