Prayers for Deliverance, Part 2

Do you remember the story of Peter in prison in Acts 12? He was in big trouble! Best guesses said he would not live through the night. Under heavy guard, in a maximum security prison, and about to be called before Herod, Acts 12:5 notes, “...but prayer for him was being made fervently by the church.”

In this instance, God delivered Peter. He was awakened by an angel, his shackles fell off, the prison doors swung open, and Peter walked out a free man. No doubt, many times God chooses to answer prayer and deliver. But sometimes He chooses to answer prayer and not deliver. Is that okay by you?

Two things got my attention as I reviewed this story. First, Peter was guarded by multiple soldiers and he escaped. Later that night, when Herod called for Peter to come before him and he was found missing, it is likely a follow-up command was issued to execute all those responsible for guarding Peter.

Consider that for a moment. Believers pray, God delivers Peter from prison, and multiple people are executed as a result. God is serious when it comes to answering prayer!

In all probability you will not be delivered miraculously from the anxious times that are troubling you. But make no mistake, if God is determined enough to answer prayer that He will kill folks in the process, then He will not be so slack as to not respond to prayer in the first place.

Just because you cannot see His hand move against your captors does not mean He is callous in His heart to your request.