Praying with Good Intention

Back when Nike first began making running shoes, they created a model that was lime green with a blue swoosh-stripe and yellow trim. They were the cutting- edge of running-shoe technology, and I owned a pair. I think back about how proud I was of those shoes and wonder, Why? Those were the ugliest shoes I ever owned; even uglier than clogs. In fact, they were “eat up with ugly,” as they say around here.

But I ran. Miles and miles and miles.

One morning I was sitting on the porch steps attempting to pray, but I was really just staring at my green shoes. Prayer can be so frustrating, and it was frustrating in those days.

It was filled with good intentions left unfulfilled, prayer lists not prayed over, and dread at the thought of kneeling n the cold floor beside my warm bed. In fact, sitting on the steps was an effort to find a location where I could pray successfully.

Next time, “Running Prayer”